Hey there, I'm Alfonso Millรกn.

I am a former mechanical engineer turned fullstack software developer.

For four years, I designed and developed products for the semiconductor industry, which aids in the development of silicon wafers. Because of my love for engineering and my drive as a lifelong learner, I fell in love with software development. I am a strong believer in technology's potential to develop innovative products quickly, and its ability to solve practical problems for people who need them.

Check out some of my blog posts and projects below.

Blog posts
Learning GraphQL
Mar 2018
Introduction to GraphQL using Node.js and Express.js
Why Fullstack?
Jan 2018
Thoughts and motivations behind attending Fullstack Academy.
Podcast Summary
Aug 2017
Summaries and notes on one of my favorite podcasts.

Apr 2018
A progressive web application for quick check-outs at bars and restaurants. Check out the source code here!
Apr 2018
An e-commerce demo site for exploring new kicks. Built using React/Redux. Check out the source code here!
Mar 2018
A prototype for using the Spotify API to receive upcoming concert recommendations in NYC.
Harry Potter Quiz
May 2018
An interactive quiz for Harry Potter fans. Check out the source code here!
A technology enthusiast who loves exploring new JavaScript frameworks, running occasionally, and reading fervently.
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